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AIA Philadelphia 2016 Design Awards Exhibit

The exhibit will take place February 6-18, 2017 at the Shops at Liberty Place Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA. Boards are due by Friday, January 13, 2017. Please see below regarding information about board specifications. 

Board Specs

  1. Entry is limited to 40" x 40" panels only. Panels must have 4 mounting grommets properly placed on 38" centers. #3 grommets are recommended (7/16" diameter hole, 15/16" diameter flange). If the grommet locations are incorrect, the submitting firm will be notified. Please check all boards for proper measurments before delivery. Boards may be up to 1/2" thick. Masonite, sintra board, and "gatorform" are all acceptable. PLASTIC LAMINATE ON PARTICLE BOARD, PAINTED PARTICLE BOARD, METAL OR OTHER MATERIALS OR ASSEMBLAGES EXCEEDING 10 LBS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AND WILL NOT BE EXHIBITED. Regular foam core is not recommended. Please insure that the edges of every board are presentable. Remember the exhibit is open to the public. Your company name and contact information should be clearly visible on the front of each board. 
  2. Labeling: AIA board labels must be completed and placed on the back (at top center) of each project board. These labels are used to aid in placing boards from the same firm together in the display and to ensure that boards are returned to proper locations. The label size is Avery 5164 or 15664.
  3. Wrapping of Boards: If boards are boxed or wrapped, the firm name should be clearly visible on the outside of the packaging. In addition, the package should indicate the board number and total number of boards submitted (1 of 3 boards). The Chapter will make every effort to return boards in their original boxes; however, plastic and paper wrapping will not be stored during exhibit and boards submitted wrapped in such a manner will be returned unwrapped. Some boxes require dismantling, and cannot be salvaged.
  4. Installation & Dismantling: Installation will take place Sunday, February 5, 5:00 pm to (approximately) 8:00 pm. Dismantling will take place Sunday, February 19, 5:00 to (approximately) 8:00. No modifications to the exhibit will be permitted during the course of the show, regardless of the reason. You must insure that pertinent permission for exhibition and/or publication from clients is obtained prior to entry of your materials. Firm staff members participating in the tear down can take the board(s) with them when dismantling is complete. WE REQUEST FIRMS SUBMITTING MUTIPLE BOARDS TO PROVIDE AT LEAST ONE VOLUNTEER TO ASSIST WITH EXHIBIT INSTALLATION AND TEAR DOWN.
  5. Display: Location of panels within the exhibition system is strictly by random order. We will make every effort to place firm’s boards together.
  6. Pick-Up: Exhibitors must retrieve exhibit boards from their drop off location between 9:00am to 5:00pm, February 20 to March 10, 2017. These offices do not have storage space so please reclaim your board(s) promptly or they will be disposed of. Should a courier service be retained to reclaim your boards, we recommend that you advise the service as to the nature of the pick-up. Exhibitors that participate in the dismantling of the exhibit can retrieve their boards at that time if the choose. AIA PHILADELPHIA, BARTON PARNTERS, AND THE CENTER FOR ARCHITECTURE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BOARDS THAT ARE NOT CLAIMED BY 5 PM, MARCH 10, 2017.

Submission Process

Step 1: Create Profile

Create a new username and password. 

If you are submitting more than one entry, you will be prompted for a payment at the end of each submission. Your contact information will pre-populate in each new entry you begin.

Click Save Address and Continue to begin your first entry.

Step 2: Submit Your Entry

  • Enter your Firm Name, Contact Name, and Email Address.
  • Enter your Project Title.
  • Complete the submission form and check out. You will pay a flat rate of $175 for each board submission - each submission must be made individually (you will check out and pay after each submission).
  • Please be sure to indicate contact information for your volunteers (where applicable).